The Chinese tea ceremony is usually held on the same day as the wedding at the couples’ respective homes. Tea ceremony for the groom’s family is usually done each day after the groom has fetched the bride home to his place, while tea service for the bride’s aspect is organised in the evening, after she dividends home from the groom’s place.

Some couples may choose to hold the wedding tea ceremony for both families before evening meal reception commences at the hotel. In this case, the groom’s family will be dished up tea prior to the bride’s in an exclusive room. This option may be good for couples whose relatives may well not have the ability to make it early on each day.


Two collections of wedding tea units and great tea with or without herbs are staples in every Chinese tea ceremony. Tea will be served to the groom’s family and family members using the tea occur the bride’s dowry , directed at her by her parents through the Guo Da Li ceremony, while her mother’s own wedding tea establish will be used for the wedding ceremony for her part. The tea arranged contained in the bride’s dowry is a keepsake from her parents and can someday be utilized for the same tradition in her daughter’s wedding.

Sweet tea is usually used during tea ceremonies since it symbolises happiness in the newlywed’s marriage and fosters good relations between them and their in-laws. Herbs like lotus seeds and red schedules may be added to the tea because the Chinese pronunciation is synonymous to blessing the couple with plentiful of offsprings.

The groom’s sister, the bride’s marriage ceremony or a lady relative will help in the pouring and serving of the tea on the tray, and rinsing the used cups in a basin of hot water before serving another relative.


The couple is normally necessary to serve tea to the elders in their family and is served tea by their younger siblings. Tea should be dished up to their family in order of sequence, starting from their grandparents and concluding with their more radiant siblings, as an indicator of respect for his or her place in the family. However, some individuals may necessitate the couple to serve tea to their parents before their grandparents.

Customarily, the couple serves tea with their elders while kneeling before them. However, many individuals only require those to kneel before their grandparents and parents, and bow before their relatives during the ceremony.

Here’s the order you should help tea to your family:

Uncles/Aunties (in order of seniority)
Elder Siblings
Elder Cousins (if present)
Younger Siblings
Nieces and Nephews (if present)
Other than portion their relatives tea in order with their seniority, the couple should also bear in mind to help tea with their paternal loved ones before their maternal ones. Through the tea service, the groom should be on the right with the bride on the remaining side. Female relatives should seat themselves across from the groom while male family are seated in front of the bride.

Gift Basket, by means of red packets or jewellery, will be presented to the few during the service. These items are either positioned on the tea tray to be held by the maid of honor or best man, or worn by the few regarding jewellery.