As a follow-up from the prior post about the Japanese morning routine, let’s look into the evening routine.

The skin must be nourished each day and evening. Having learnt from my mother, I’ve always viewed the evening routine to be just as important as the morning one. It presents a opportunity for your skin to recover from the daily escapades and recharge for the next day. A very important thing about the recovery phase is it happens undisturbedly while you sleep.

As simple as cleansing your skin in the evening sounds, it requires more than rinsing from the makeup. It’s more like a means of taking off your daily struggles and getting ready for tomorrow. The night time routine usually circles around mending and enriching your skin so you awaken with an all-new energy.

Whether it’s a refreshing make-up remover, a creamy exfoliator, or a rejuvenating sleeping pack, the emphasis is to enjoy a worry-free good nights sleep.

Japanese Evening Routine

After an extended, hectic day, the best thing you can certainly do to your skin is to take care of it with a fixing serum. From the scorching sun to the polluted environment, your skin layer fights numerous battles throughout the day, which might sometime cause breakouts. And even if your morning skincare routine is on point, your skin layer needs a while away from the cruel daytime cycle to recharge. What’s more, regeneration occurs during the night, making the evening routine very important for your skin’s general health.

EDOBIO SAKETERNAL Intensive Hydration Serum

Double-layer concentrated multi-care serum

This double-layered serum combines an extract layer of sake lees with a botanical oil layer. The extract contains a high level of lactobacillus-fermented sake lees, a unique moisturizing ingredient, as well as a blend of naturally-occurring beauty ingredients including blueberry leaf and sweet potato root. The oil layer contains a botanical oil complex to support barrier function and keep the skin’s natural protective moisture in tact. This single serum provides comprehensive skincare for all skin types.

Key Ingredients
[Lactobacillus-fermented sake lees extract]
A unique moisturizing ingredient made by fermenting sake lees with BiProGE lactic acid bacteria.
It moisturizes the skin while improving texture, and helps prevent dullness caused by dry skin.
[Blueberry Stem Extract]
Supports circulation.
[Sweet potato root extract]
Promotes skin clarity.
A highly moisturizing ingredient from the Sea of Japan.
[Botanical oil complex (camellia sinensis seed oil, argania spinosa kernel oil, olive fruit oil) ]
A targeted blend of three plant-based oils that support healthy barrier function, while also infusing the skin with hydration and youth-boosting nutrition.
[Green tea seed extract]
An ingredient that focuses on anti-oxidation, anti-photoaging, and associated skin laxity, for
beautiful ageless skin.
A blend of essential oils including mandarin orange, rosemary, and damask rose. It has a unisex
fragrance with a sense of translucent elegance.

So, if you have a particular skin concern that you would like to address, the optimum time to do it reaches night. During this time, the skin calmly absorbs the substances and initiates the mending process swiftly.

Makeup Removal
You have to know the necessity of removing makeup after a long day, I bet. But many people overlook oil cleansing when they would like to remove both cosmetic and impurities from the skin. It really is no wonder that one foam/gel cleansers can dissolve the oil-soluble cosmetic and the water-soluble impurities simultaneously. Still, the complex formula might be too harsh to your skin layer. Lessen the burden on your skin layer by having two gentle cleansers – a cleansing oil and a foam/gel cleanser!

Note: Use an eye cosmetic remover for waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Soak a cotton pad with the oil and stick it over your covered eyes for seconds to melt the eye makeup.
When you may have tried all the Korean beauty hacks available on the internet, if you are a true lover of most things DIY, you must try these easy Japanese beauty hacks.

Cleanse and then cleanse again
For the Japanese, its quality rather than quantity. Cleansing that person twice is something that japan swear by. Investing time in your skincare routine would yield maximum results. Start with cleaning your face using oil, rice bran or camellia, which will be the traditional oils used by them. Nevertheless, you might use any oil that best suits your skin layer. That is done to eliminate all the dirt, leftover makeup and sunscreen properly. Abide by it up with a regular cleanser to eliminate any residue. This might ensure a squeaky clean skin, free from dirt and grime, prepared to absorb all the goodness of other products.

The long, hot and relaxing shower
Who doesn’t love unwinding with an extended, hot shower? It’s the perfect end to a stressful day. Nowadays, bathing is an instant 5-minute task completed with utter speed and efficiency. It’s only on special occasions that we really give time to our bathing routine. You will want to change this habit? Japan has a rich history of baths. Onsen ( A Japanese hot spring with bath houses situated around them) is the perfect exemplory case of this. Try it japan way by taking out time for a soothing bath. Exfoliate, use essential oils, bath oils, moisturizers and body wash to keep your skin refreshed.

The magic of sheet masks
The wonder trend which includes taken the entire world by storm can be your savior to attain flawless skin. The age-old Japanese invention has been an essential part of these beauty routine. It involves a soft material soaked in liquid which would help moisturize your skin. And everybody knows, moisturized skin = a dewy look. There are a variety of sheet masks available in the market and they’re the quickest way to provide your skin layer that instant lift.

Massaging is the main element
A good facial massage can benefit your skin layer by increasing blood flow, helps better absorption of product and won’t stretch or pull your skin-keeping the elasticity intact. Japanese women know these rules and that’s how exactly we see the result. Next time you’re vigorously rubbing your exfoliator into in your skin layer, remember these golden rules and then think about Japanese skin. You’re welcome.

Sun protection
Even though sun-kissed skin is something that everyone lusts for, it’s not at all worth the near future damage to your skin. Japanese women with porcelain skin understand how damaging sunlight can be so try avoiding it whenever you can. But with abundant sun in India, that’s a difficult thing to do. Instead of bracing heat without protection, start using generous amounts of sunscreen. Sunscreen, wide brimmed hats, shades and scarves should be your new mantra when you step out in sunlight. If japan can do it, so can we.